With more than 15 years of experience in disclosure management and 50 years of tackling the most complex IT challenges across many industries, CTG has developed a suite of specialized services that address one of the telecommunication industry's most pressing, and growing, areas of concern - data retention, disclosure, and exploitation.

CTG’s Disclosure Management System™ (DMS) is a mature, robust, and feature-rich, lawful disclosure solution that can be deployed “out of the box” to meet all respective national disclosure requirements—from taking the initial law enforcement information request via a self-service portal, to automated or manual collation of requested data, and the presentation of the information in a standardized format. CTG can even take on responsibility for the storage of retained data to deliver a complete outsourced solution.

The system is backed by CTG consulting services that guide clients through technical and business strategies for lawful data disclosure, strategy development and best-practice advice, solution design and development, data store selection and implementation, and outsourcing and managed services implementation.

CTG also provides a secure service and support center that specializes in security-sensitive support services such as software support, service delivery management, and business process outsourcing.

Now the de facto standard across the industry, CTG’s DMS™ is the first to offer a comprehensive "self-service facility" to law enforcement in the U.K., is now used by all U.K. law enforcement agencies, and has been implemented in the U.S. by a major telecommunications provider.