UZ Gent Relies on CTG to Seamlessly Replace Its Service Management Tool

“CTG’s approach centered our project philosophy on people, so the new service management solution is accepted and used as a daily working tool, and was also fostered from early life onwards as being developed by our IT staff.” ~ Tim Vermeiren, Project Leader, UZ Gent

Our Client 

UZ Gent, the Ghent University Hospital, is one of Belgium’s largest and most specialized healthcare providers in Flanders, and is well-known for its outstanding clinical patient care covering every medical specialty for normal and intensive care.

Challenges and Objectives

UZ Gent’s IT department needed to replace its service management application, HP Service Desk 4.5, and seamlessly integrate the new application with a project management solution. The project impacted several processes including incident management, change management, configuration management, and problem management.

CTG’s Solution

CTG’s solution employed our proven service management approach and an ITIL-based process methodology with OMNITRACKER, an out-of-the-box technology. We used OMNITRACKER’s best-in-breed templates to create a service and project management environment in which the UZ Gent service desk and IT staff could continuously evaluate and improve the OMNITRACKER solution. Like all CTG solutions, the UZ Gent project was backed by our three-fold approach which integrates highly-skilled people, proven processes, and cutting-edge technology to deliver a solution customized to the client’s needs at a competitive price.


UZ Gent is now independently managing the service management improvement solution according to its changing needs. The number of processes supported by OMNITRACKER and the number of IT staff using the new service management application continues to increase. The UZ Gent project optimized core IT processes including project management, change advisory procedures, and the stock management process, resulting in significantly improved efficiency and turnaround times for IT-related projects.