Fedict Partners with CTG for Service Desk Solution

“Customer focus is a core organizational value within Fedict. The professional handling of all customer calls is key. We are very pleased with the structured and timely project approach from CTG and the consistent quality delivered in all aspects of the call-handling process.” ~ Bob Artois, Service Desk Manager, Fedict

Our Client 

Fedict, Belgium’s federal public service for information and communication technology (ICT), defines and implements the federal e-government strategy. It uses innovative ICT to help the various federal public services improve their service portfolios and tailor their offerings to better meet the needs of the general public, businesses, and civil servants.

Challenges and Objectives 

Fedict was looking for a new partner to assist them in providing support to its end users through its central service desk. Fedict’s service desk is a classic front- and back-office arrangement that receives approximately 45,000 calls per year. The agency wanted a new partner to take over operation of its central service desk and handle incidents and requests reported by Belgian government agencies and citizens, without disruption or a decline in service levels. Fedict sought a service provider that could deliver support for multilingual services, extended hours, 24/7 call management, and flexible capacity, while also adhering to strict performance level service agreements.

CTG’s Solution 

CTG has successfully assumed operation of service desks many times through a proven approach for transitioning service desk functions that limits the impact of the change while maintaining or enhancing the quality of service delivery. CTG’s solution for Fedict was based on our Delivery Centre Service Desk model, combined with on-site resources. Dedicated resources in our remote delivery center enabled CTG to combine a client-tailored approach with the required flexibility and 24/7 support. Our initial objective was to limit end-user impact and provide the level of support required by Fedict. With that accomplished, our focus turned to working in collaboration with Fedict to increase the quality of services.


CTG performed a smooth transition of service desk operations, providing excellent service and minimizing end-user impact, while also implementing multiple improvements to obtain a first-line resolution of 90 percent and reduce average call time from more than five minutes to four minutes. During the last weeks of the Tax on Web (June-July) program, the period of the year with the highest call volume, CTG successfully handled up to 1,000 calls per day.