GDPR One Year Later

May 28, 2019
Van Der Valk Hotel Brussels Airport, Culliganlaan 4, 1831 Diegem, Belgium

GDPR event_May 2019

Join us for our upcoming event on GDPR. After three hugely popular Data Protection events, this fourth event is promising to be yet another success. Don't miss out on: 

  • The way to stay on top of your game by activating your business through young potentials;
  • Exceptional know-how from a leading consultant;
  • Firsthand experiences through two big customer cases;
  • World-class knowledge by a scholar with over 35 years of expertise in AI;
  • The opportunity to meet the biggest tooling and training players in the privacy market
  • All attendees can participate in a raffle and the lucky winner will return home with a free CIPP/E training 
  • Networking with colleagues and privacy consultants.

And best of all: this non-commercial event is completely free of charge; lunch and drinks included!

For registration and more information, please click here