Jean G.

Jean G.
Company title: 
Service Account Manager
Years at CTG: 
1 Year
Strasbourg, France
Current City: 
Knutange, France
Favorite Thing to Do Outside of Work: 
Spend time with my family and listen to music
Favorite Song Right Now: 
“Waiting for the Stars” by Vitalic

I wake up 5:30 a.m. and make a big breakfast. I don’t really like waking up that early, but it’s always better to beat the morning rush. If I am 10 minutes late, that will mean 20 minutes more in traffic. Luckily, my car is comfortable and has a good audio system. It helps a lot in dealing with the smog and ungracious drivers. Usually, I arrive at the office by 7:30 a.m. There are not a lot of people in the office at this time. It’s a good time for a first, and welcome, cup of black coffee!  

The first hours of the day are quiet. I take this opportunity to check the emails I received during the night and create a list of tasks for the rest of the day. Of course, I greet my colleagues as they arrive. The following hours are dedicated to project follow-ups with my teammates and ensuring that their daily activities are accomplished.

My main client is located in Miami, FL, where business hours start six hours after the Luxembourg office opens, therefore, my afternoon is their morning. Usually, I’m scheduling conference calls to follow up on our projects and ensure we are still meeting their business expectations. This is probably one of the most challenging, but exciting, parts of my job. The difference in culture and the distance between CTG Luxembourg and the client adds a lot of complexity.

In the evenings, I play with my children and help prepare dinner. Once the kids are sleeping, I quickly reconnect with work to finalize some tasks. The rest of the evening is dedicated to personal activities.

Working for CTG on the IT Service Management team offers a great variety of activities. I’m never bored and always have a lot of challenges and opportunities to improve myself on a daily basis. I am regularly in contact with clients and I am proud to “defend the colors of CTG.” Working closely with our technical teams is fantastic as well because I have learned a lot of technical skills. Maybe one day I will retrain for a more technical position. The ability to evolve into different positions is an opportunity that CTG Luxembourg offers to its employees.

My advice is to always focus on what you love and on the strength of the people you are working with. This makes everything easier.  

Being in the same location as Dhana, our Luxembourg Marketing and Communication Coordinator, is a great privilege as she transforms Bertrange into a Great Place to Work