Cyber and Information Security Services

Designed to support Information Security Programs that address not only the threats of today, but also safeguard against the threats of tomorrow.

Cyber security risks are the reality of today's businesses. Despite efforts to ensure the protection, availability, and privacy of information and services, the sophistication of cyber threats continue to increase. Data leakage, identity theft, breaches, disruption or denial of services, and compliance violations can result in significant damage to organizations’ reputations, not to mention extreme financial and operational impacts. Understanding the cyber risk landscape and implementing countermeasures that address people, process, and technology will help organizations stay ahead of these threats, and put safeguards in place to protect against the threats of tomorrow.

Advisory Services

IT Risk ManagementIT Risk Management

CTG helps organizations assess and develop enterprise IT Risk Management Programs. Following established risk management processes of CoBiT, ISO, and NIST, CTG helps organizations ensure that they identify relevant risk scenarios and work through the processes of establishing impact, likelihood, and risk ratings in order to define appropriate mitigation strategies commensurate with the organization’s risk appetite.

Business Continuity.pngBusiness Continuity Management Program 

CTG provides expert guidance in the development of a Business Continuity Management Program that enables organizations to ensure they have the necessary processes, technology, training, and testing for continuity and availability of critical services and assets in the event of a crisis or disaster. 

Information Security.pngInformation Security Management System Design

Today’s organizational information security strategy requires more than just anti-virus software and a firewall. CTG’s ISO 27001/27002-based approach assists in the development of a formal Information Security Management System (ISMS) that addresses each organization’s unique risk profile, compliance environment, and organizational culture, and defines pragmatic countermeasures.

Assessments and Testing Services

Vulnerability Management iconVulnerability Management

CTG assists organizations in identifying and managing vulnerabilities within their technology environments including web and mobile applications assets, internet perimeters, internal networks, cloud-based assets, VPNs, and WIFI networks. CTG’s approach is tailored to each organization’s unique environment, providing actionable and relevant recommendations to mitigate observed risks.

Security Program AssessmentSecurity Program Assessment

CTG security assists organizations in evaluating the maturity of their cyber security programs by examining elements such as risk management, governance, compliance, organizational structure, vulnerability and threat management, third-party risk management, security technologies, and incident management. Using industry and organizational best practices, CTG provides actionable recommendations tailored to each client’s unique environment.

Application Security TestingApplication Security Testing

Testing of application functionality and performance alone is no longer sufficient. Today’s cyber-threat environment demands that software developers, testers, project managers, and teams understand the risks inherent to the software languages and coding pitfalls, in order to identify potential security vulnerabilities early in the software development lifecycle and minimize the likelihood of breaches. Through a comprehensive suite of services that includes threat modeling, source code review, and DevOps integration, CTG’s Application Security experts can help ensure the security of your applications.

Penetration Testing.pngPenetration Testing

Organizations require penetration testing for compliance purposes or for an independent verification of their controls. CTG’s highly-skilled resources use real-world techniques, toolsets, and methods in attempts to penetrate an organization’s perimeter, obtain access or control over a certain target, or test the detection and responsiveness of the organizations IT and security operations teams.

Training Services


CTG’s on-site training program, delivered out of our Diegem offices, meets the unique training needs of today’s business IT professionals. Our course catalog currently includes the following Information Security Training related courses: