Supermajor Oil and Gas Company Relies on CTG to Deliver Value Across Multiple Business Areas

Projects result in projected savings of $700,000 in Logistics; 500 man hours per refinery compliance audit; and, 60 % in staffing for Global Exploration Operations

Our Client 

CTG has worked closely for more than 25 years with one of the worlds’ seven “supermajor” oil and gas companies with operations across the globe.

CTG’s Solution 

During the time that CTG’s Diversified Industrials consultants have worked with this client, CTG has provided support and staffing for numerous projects across many areas of the business resulting in real, measurable business value. Today, CTG continues to provide services and resources to this client.

A few examples of the many projects completed for this client include:

  • Logistics/US Pipeline Segment: CTG completed business process analysis and system design to centralize logistics activities for a nation-wide team, facilitating comprehensive visibility of key performance indicators through their existing corporate business intelligence tools. The expected benefit of improving their ability to complete strategic analysis and course correct, when needed, using leading indicators is over $700,000 annually in controllable cost savings. ROI for this project will be realized in just over one year.
  • Refining: CTG improved management of process safety information through identification, classification, and ownership of this information. This project delivered efficiency in regulatory compliance and site-wide management capability, and resulted in our client saving approximately 500 man hours per audit.
  • Upstream / Global Exploration: CTG completed business process engineering, governance, and change management for our client’s global exploration planning team. This effort aligned the work practices of over 30 project managers to a single programmatic approach, allowing them to be supported by one centralized system and team of four planners.  The approach simplified the planning environment from three disparate systems and their associated costs, and a previous staffing requirement of ten planners resulting in an anticipated 60% savings for our client.
  • Upstream: CTG implemented both the system and process changes required to deliver integrated activity planning for operational scheduling procedures across upstream functions, enabling our client to improve operational work backlog 3-5% annually.
  • Refining: CTG lead the successful implementation of mobile field technology, including wireless infrastructure, saving our client over 8,000 field staff hours annually (4FTE) across 21 processing units.