essenscia Relies on CTG to Use Cloud Technology for a Cost-Effective, Scalable Public Website

“essenscia appreciated CTG as a professional and flexible partner in the development of an intuitive, yet intelligent, web application.” ~ Philippe Cornille, Responsible for Environment and Safety, essenscia

Our Client 

essenscia vzw/asbl, the Belgian Federation for Chemistry and Life Sciences industries, is a multi-sectoral umbrella organization with nearly 800 member companies that represent the numerous sectors in the field of chemicals and the life sciences.

Challenges and Objectives 

Industrial gases are one of the many sectors that essenscia represents. Gas cylinders are widely used in Belgium and are often not returned to suppliers after usage and, as a result, end up as metal scrap or waste. Recognizing that these pressurized cylinders posed a safety risk, essenscia identified a website as the most effective way to inform the general public about how to request a free and safe pickup of any cylinder in Belgium by its owner, typically a gas supplier. The site had to be user-friendly and provide an easy and fast way to identify and contact the original owner of the cylinder. It also needed to be able to tolerate unpredictable high usage and accommodate a large, equally unpredictable database.

CTG’s Solution 

CTG created a user-friendly and intuitive website for essenscia that included: 

  • A public e-counter allowing users to alert essenscia of a found cylinder based on text or logo; 
  • A back-end engine for processing and emailing the information to the original supplier, and arrange for professional, safe pickup; and  
  • An administrative function that provided capabilities for data maintenance and the creation of usage reports. 

CTG closely follows and utilizes emerging Microsoft technologies in website development. By advising essenscia to utilize cloud technology and host the site on Windows Azure, the client’s hardware management and infrastructure costs were reduced and dynamic scaling was available to adjust the application to resource requirements. The resulting live site can be visited at  


The website enabled essenscia to implement a national program to minimize the number of lost gas cylinders by providing a highly-accessible, far-reaching way to facilitate the safe return of gas cylinders. The application was developed using best-practice web design principles and cloud technology that enabled easy use and future modifications. Hosting the site on Windows Azure provided essenscia the most cost-effective and scalable solution.