Advisory and Planning

CTG’s Advisory and Planning offerings support our clients’ needs to evaluate, select, and design new technology, align technology and business strategy, and optimize technology for improved performance and benefits realization.


  • Business Requirements
  • Assessments
  • Technology Selection
  • Technology Lifecycle Management
  • Benefits Realization
  • Performance Improvement
  • Project Management Office (PMO) Strategy

CTG is a recognized leader in the planning, design, and optimization of comprehensive information technology solutions and business processes for global companies across multiple industries.

We understand that organizations need to evolve rapidly to ever-changing customer, competitive, and economic dynamics. As a result, there is a continuous need to meet new business demands, to review and optimize processes, and to implement large and complex IT projects that are vital to the future success of the business.

CTG's Advisory and Planning experts assist organizations in addressing these challenges and delivering real business benefits. CTG's offerings are tailored to match the needs of the client and are delivered by consultants who combine subject matter expertise with the pragmatic application of best practices accrued during our 50 years of experience. 

Our facilitative approach to business process improvement adds real and long-term value to our clients, increasing the speed at which change can be accomplished and ensuring that cost savings and return on investment can be realized.

To address the immediate and long-term needs of the total enterprise, we first help assess a client’s business requirements, and then determine the right IT solutions to meet their unique needs. Our experts in customer care, manufacturing, logistics, and other critical business functions are teamed with vertical industry specialists to define objectives and examine current technology, application portfolio, and data architecture. 

Our depth of experience in industries such as healthcare and life sciencesdiversified industrials, and financial services provides CTG’s clients with IT and business process strategies that address the unique challenges of their industry. For instance, in our Healthcare and Life Sciences practice, our Advisory and Planning experts are helping our clients address challenges related to increasing the quality of care while streamlining processes and reducing costs, meeting regulatory mandates such as meaningful use in North America, and achieving benefits realization from electronic medical records and other business-critical technology systems.