Testimonials from CTG's Test Engineer Training Program

CTG is looking for new consultants to join the Test Engineer training program in our CTG Academy. What is this training all about? Cedric, Glen, and Gunther, our colleagues, or should we say ‘students’, from our former Testing Class are glad to tell you more about it!

In Their Words 

On the 11th of September I started at CTG and this was the first day that I and the other starters were introduced to CTG and testing. It was relaxed, but on the second day, we started with the test class. I was really looking forward to this. We started the first days of the test class with a lot of theory concerning structured testing. This was in my opinion, the most difficult part of it all, but necessary of course, and equally interesting as the other stuff we have seen. Furthermore, we learned how to work with the tool HP ALM and test design techniques. Test design techniques were, in my opinion, the most fun part, since it involved many exercises. To finish the test class we first had to take an exam and complete the training with an internship.

I was nervous for the exam since it was a lot to study in only two weeks, but it was not really that bad. If you understand what the teacher says during the classes and study well enough during the two weekends you have, it should not be a problem passing the exam. The internship was really fun, but busy. There was quite a lot to do in not that much time. In the end, it was really educational and fun since this was the part where we, as a group of new CTG joiners, bonded the most.

So to summarize: The testing class was really educational (of course), but also a place where you get to meet a lot of new and fun people!

- Cedric Brusten 


The test class was constructive and a real must for every starting tester. Besides theory, there were real life exercises and evaluations with feedback.

After the test class, we immediately started with an internship. At high speed, we were plunged in our real first project. In fact, this was exciting and our stress level was tested as well! I now feel ready for my first client project and I am really looking forward to it. Remember: keep testing yourself!

- Glen Walravens


In September, I joined the test class. The class had three modules: Structures Testing, Test Design Techniques, and HP ALM. The teacher – a real CTG Testing Specialist - varied between theory and exercises. Consequently, we stayed focused. The enthusiasm and dedication of the teacher resulted in a smooth transition between theory and practice.  After the exam, there was an internship. This boosted our self-confidence to start a real project with a client.

- Gunther Piron 


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