EIM Advantage™

Integrated and Flexible Enterprise Information Management (EIM) Solutions Designed to Maximize the Value of Your IT Investments

The amount of data generated by your company’s IT devices and systems will grow more than 100x in the next decade, and with continued investments in new or changing technology, the resulting data growth can cause your organization to become “data rich, information poor.”

When data can be analyzed and understood, the resulting information becomes a transformative tool to reinvent, digitize, or streamline business by providing greater visibility into an enterprise, allowing businesses to achieve optimization, and ultimately, competitive advantage.

That’s why CTG developed EIM Advantage™

EIM Advantage addresses business challenges by transforming data into actionable information that supports your unique business objectives. More than 145 EIM Advantage clients have recognized real business value, including:

CTG's EIM Advantage™ Solution 

EIM Advantage is a portfolio of services that allows your organization to use data to drive toward business answers, manage data in a manner that directly relates to objectives, and to analyze and visualize information to enable the highest possible work process efficiencies.

EIM advantage


Why CTG?

CTG’s more than 50 years of experience, strong consulting and broad application expertise, market-leading partnerships, delivery-model flexibility, and “right-sized” solutions collectively result in the confidence that you have the proven, reliable partner necessary to maximize the value of your IT investments.

Our value is based on our track record of consistently meeting and exceeding our clients' expectations. While other companies might say the same thing, we all know the the truth: IT services suffer a reliability deficite. Hear from our clients and check out our Reliability Testimonials