CTG is Proud to be Named 2017 Best in KLAS – Partial IT Outsourcing

By Gary Mann, Managing Director and Service Line Owner, Application Management Solutions

Best in KLAS Partial IT OutsourcingCTG is proud to announce that we have been named as “2017 Best in KLAS” for the Partial IT Outsourcing category. The votes of confidence that accompany this honor are impactful indicators that reliability is the foundation from which we provide our services, and it truly does matter.

KLAS is a research and insights firm on a global mission to improve healthcare delivery by amplifying the provider's voice. Working with thousands of healthcare professionals and clinicians, KLAS gathers data and insights on software, services and medical equipment to deliver timely reports, trends and statistical overviews. The annual Best in KLAS rankings recognize vendor solutions that received the highest provider scores for software and professional services.

Over the last three decades, CTG Health Solutions has provided reliable IT services to more than 700 healthcare clients, including a comprehensive suite of Application Management Services (AMS) for which the we were recognized as Best in KLAS. CTG has successfully provided Partial IT Outsourcing services to more than 70 healthcare clients. Delivered by expert healthcare IT (HIT) management and technical consultants, CTG’s teams provide dependable, high-quality maintenance, support, and upgrades for both legacy and current production applications, including specialized helpdesk support offerings that meet the unique needs of IT, clinical, and patient end users. CTG also provides legacy data archiving support to many AMS clients in preparation for their transition to new systems.

“Being honored as a 2017 Best in KLAS award recipient reflects CTG’s commitment to providing reliable, value-based solutions that meet the needs of our healthcare clients,” said Bud Crumlish, CTG’s President and Chief Executive Officer. “This award demonstrates our continuous development and progress in offering industry-leading HIT solutions that draw upon the Company’s wide range of capabilities to help clients navigate a rapidly changing healthcare environment.”

We at CTG are honored to be recognized by our clients as the number one provider of Partial IT Outsourcing services. This Best in KLAS award demonstrates our commitment to always do what is right for the client and to provide services that deliver measurable results.

Our AMS team is setting a new reliability standard for the HIT services industry, which ultimately serves to benefit our clients, employees, partners, and shareholders. The importance of CTG’s reliability is evident in our achievement of 77 percent repeat client business in 2015 and our many client relationships exceeding 10 or more years.

We’d truly like to thank our clients for their kind words on how it is to work with CTG*:

“CTG was helpful and good to work with despite the changes we made to the scope of our engagement with them. Once they got the right people with the knowledge to run things, they hit the ground running and were very knowledgeable and reliable.”

-Manager, June 2016

“When we were deep into our implementation, the helpdesk for our software product fell through the cracks. But CTG instantly set up a help desk for us, and we still use it… They do a phenomenal job.”

–VP/Other Executive, March 2016

“Things couldn't be better; CTG is very customer focused. They are incredible.”

-Director, April 2016

“My communication with CTG is always simple. They are responsive, and they certainly offer what we need. The work they do for us takes care of everything we need so that we don't have to worry.”

-Director, March 2016

“CTG was very professional and very willing to work with us, and any time any potential improvements or issues were identified, CTG acted on those things right away.”

–Director, September 2016

“I would highly recommend CTG's outsourcing and other services. CTG is very meticulous about getting the right resources for what a facility needs, and they seem to truly understand our needs.”

–Director, March 2016

Ultimately, it is our clients’ success that proves our value and their direct feedback through KLAS is one of the strongest indicators of the quality of services and value our teams deliver. We are so honored, thank you.

*(Collected about CTG’s IT Outsourcing product by © KLAS 2016 For a complete view visit. www.klasresearch.com


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